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Vagrant Dreamer
In another thread, our member Tomber offered to interpret a natal chart (or two we hope?) and I am personally interested to hear his take. In order to not diverge to far from the topic where this was posted, about Tarot, I opened this topic instead.

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What say you, Tomber?


p.s. If any lookers on know how to utilize a natal chart for more than divination, I recommend against - fair warning. smile.gif
Very cool, alright well I'm just writing here to say that I saw it and will edit it in when I get done. And yeah anyone that wants it throw it up and I'll be more than happy to go for it, in order. It takes a while so if I don't get back at ya for a day or two that's why.
Alright, so is this a solar chart? I hope not because that knocks out a bunch of stuff I did. I looked at it and though "Hhhmmmm that could be just a sun near the asc." And since it wasn't mentioned I didn't use it as a solar, which really would make a difference here. We have similar stuff going on Vagrant, and I always think it is interesting when people fit into archetype sort of molds, and right off the bat I can say the focus is going to be Gemini, Scorpio and Uranus. But you are more a Uranian Scorpio/Gemini instead of a Scorpionic Uranian/Gemini, if that makes sense. That means if you're cars are a Subaru wrx sti and a '04 chevy avalanche then Uranus would be their colors, like they would both be red.

The Scorpio stuff is very strong, as far as describing the personality (a main function of a natal) I might as well just add a link to Scorpio and recommend you reading it. The sort of stuff that is going to be taken away from these positions and houses (on the condition this is not a solar) would be the usual intensity and passion but applied to health and a parent, both of which I will be getting into.

Sex, your dad, health and spiritual thinking. Those are areas that show some (as in a lot) of tension. Sex: The placements in Scorpio are about as mild as habaņero peppers. There is clearly some issue with sex, and furthermore leading into relationships. I have never met you, I cannot tell how much of this energy you have previously dealt with but with this kind of Scorpio I feel there are only so many options to choose from. To be frank I would guess you are homosexual. Now that might not be right (I have much more plutonic stuff going on and I like female action) but the energy is defiantly there and I don't think there is too much getting around it. But being sexually passionate isn't a crime and that is what it comes down to. And I think this is reflected in your Gemini stuff which I will get into right now. What a perfect transition.

Your Gemini side of you is much more your core being as opposed to the occult/scorpionic side you are trying to be. But Uranus is interestingly placed (not all charts are interesting, this one was) opposite a bunch of stuff in your 12th and 1st. Including your sun. You think different than most people. Now that might seem silly to say to a moderator on a magic forum but it's true regardless. You just don't think conventionally even though there is definitely a side to you that needs the traditional way of being. This is one area of tension; all your scorpio stuff is going to be trying so hard to get that occult power it wants that it very likely is going to force the other side of you, the traditional side, into the background. It wants the tradition but needs the occult. You identify yourself with the occult, that is part of how you say "Hey world, this is me and what I am." Not everyone that deals with the occult does that, some people might want to keep it completely discreet. It is important to realize and remain aware of (no matter how obvious it sounds) that other people do not necessarily think like you. There could be someone with exactly your interests that never wants anyone to know about it, while you are proud (not the right word but close), maybe humbly proud, to say this is what I am. This directly affects your thinking. It would not be too far a stretch to say you clearly have the potential to be a genius in thinking. Not everyone does or can be I don't care what other people say often high intellect just is not shown all in charts, which is the character, the makeup of the individual so yes, it is something unique and special. But that's only the potential, a frog could be born at the same time and not be a genius, but since you are here it seems like you are working in the right direction.

For health, it seems there are serious health issues. Maybe you lost a limb? can't walk right? there is something unhealthy that is forced on you, in a sporadic way. It is either this (I think) or you may have lost a parent (father?). It seems like this would have happened when you were 10 years old. Either way your early life seems "shaky" to say the least. Also something outside, an event, occurance, has led you to involve yourself in alternative medicine for a job. If there was not such an occult and individualistic mind I would say you would be a surgeon.

I want to get to relationships now which are a little different than just sex. It seems like this might be a bit of a sore spot because it doesn't look like it is very easy to maintain a solid serious relationship. It looks like there was a serious one, possibly even marriage, when you where 20. But it looks like it didn't work out. Other than that I am going to have to say some of it is your fault. That is obvious (it takes two to argue right?) but I really cannot tell how much. It seems like you have such a strong drive for personal freedom that it is not conducive to long term solid relationships. Also the traditional element might be sought out here, especially if it was overridden but the scopionic stuff. So you may or may not seek out a traditional partner. But seriously it is the reasoning that counts here. You certainly do not have an easy time in relationships I think because you are too individualistic. Doesn't mean it is good or bad just that it is how it, probably, is.

That is what I see when I first look at this chart, if you have any specific questions I would be more than happy to give my opinion. We have a lot in common actually. Especially the Scorpion/Gemini stuff. I would treat you I suppose like I treat most extremely scorpionic people (and ironically despite me being extremely plutonic) and remember to keep you at an arms length away. People like you as in being intelligent and powerful. It is a dangerous combination. No matter how friendly a venomous snake treats me I am not going to let it closer than an arms length away (and I probably shouldn't be holding it in the first place). This is nothing against you but it helps illustrate your personality. I think your anger is more often released verbally than physically but you get the point. I am going to go on about this further because powerful people are so interesting. Usually they are not that smart though so no matter how witty you are now I honestly hope that you are continually improving on that with books, school, whatever. When someone is highly intelligent they are not often capable of being highly powerful, it is like being allowed to have the cake and eat it too. Maybe this is not within your goals, but it is certainly within your potential. I imagine your going to use that to help people with your interest in alternative healing. I love how true to nature it was when you said not to use your chart for anything but divination, for those less inclined to learn astrology I can say that I also would recommend that.

So I hope I am not wayyyyy off and was something like what you wanted.
Vagrant Dreamer
So, I'll say to begin with that admittedly, a lot of what you were able to get from my chart could very well have been collected from my history of posting here on the forums - however, that's nearing the 800+ range here soon, and your interpretation lines up really closely with my own, except I have the inside scoop. biggrin.gif

That I'm gay is sort of not a secret on the forum, but in fairness hasn't really been brought up since you started posting here. But, yeah the scorpionic action suggested that - when I was getting into intermediate astrology with natal chart reading, I was kind of vindicated personally, although I've heard varying opinions on whether or not that represents specifically a challenge to overcome or a factor setting the 'stage' as it were for the other issues to play out. Depends on one's view regarding karma and life lessons I think.

My father left when I was 8, so that was pretty accurate, and specifically something I don't think I have posted here - could be wrong on that, but I don't believe its ever been brought up (a fair amount of my personal history is here on the forum somewhere, really).

I was married, at 18, but what's very interesting is that I married my best friend so that we could get student loans on our own! It had nothing do with romantic love, though I do of course love her dearly. Also interestingly, I served her the divorce papers for her birthday (her boyfriend helped me pay for the paperwork.) Some things, it would seem, are written into the stars and play themselves out however they will.

Health probably referenced mostly my early life - some 7-8 years ago is when I started taking an earnest and intentional approach to my own health and still proactively regulate my habits, diet, etc. (lax just lately, but back on track currently, diet-wise) - in any case, I have been in apparently perfect health for the past 6 years, literally not even a cold, except for 3 days of swine flu year before last. Childhood it was not this way, although I did tend to get over sickness pretty easily. My history is one of ideal health punctuated by rare, and short, but debilitating sickness

Relationships, basically you have it spot on. Maintaining my relationship for the past two years with my partner has been an exercise of intentional living and philosophical acrobatics. I have never felt that I am built for long term monogamous relationships. In the past I have swung back and forth between simply never settling down and occasionally engaging in short term romances, to taking vows and becoming a renunciate monk. You can see how Scorpio and Gemini are clearly represented there.

My approach to astrology has always been that we are given a template, a basic starting point, and of course we have the free will to either live and work entirely within that template, or we can choose to accentuate some elements to balance out others. We can pick and choose what to transmute from tension into kinetic force. My health was one of these elements, my relationships both with my partner and my father, and even my tendency to be so vocal about my occult path - I did used to let it be casually 'known' that I had occult interests or that I actively practiced, these days I don't hide it, but it never comes up and I don't bring it up intentionally. My philosophy on the difference between the two has changed over time.

So taking for granted that you got all of this entirely from chart interpretation - and there's enough inaccessible information, i think, to support that - that was the most accurate interpretation that I have received to date (besides my own, but that's kinda rigged). Bravo! And thank you for the time and effort.

Can I play? smile.gif

Here are my charts. I prefer sidereal as it accounts for precession where the standard tropical doesn't, but I don't know which one you'd prefer, so I'm throwing both up.

IPB Image

IPB Image

This should be interesting...
That is interesting about your good health Vagrant I wouldn't have guessed that (obviously I didn't). I'll have to think about it for a while, interesting! thanks for the feedback. And darkmage I'll try and get to yours asap, probably tomorrow.
No worries, I'd rather you take your time and do your best rather than rush things. wink.gif
Thank you in advance!

IPB Image
Imperial Arts
About the only thing less-interesting than interpreting charts for strangers is doing the two and a half hours of calculation required to draw them.

Here is my chart anyhow, which I made with "equal house" system before I knew how to do otherwise. Enjoy!

IPB Image

Would you mind if I add mine too? I can wait however long it takes smile.gif

IPB Image
argh I'm sorry to everyone for being behind but I'll say that from the top down I should be able to post a review once a day starting two days from now. Sorry for the wait everyone
Behold my inverted pentagram!! 13.gif

EDIT: Shifting the birth time by just a few minutes earlier, my Venus goes from cancer to Gemini. *shrug* This is a close estimate of my time, though.
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