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I've been working at a care home currently that deals with very old people for about 8 months now.
Their have been 3 deaths so far, an quite a few tears, it's inevitable, sometimes it's a relief, sometimes it's upsetting,

I'm doing a week of night-shifts this week and their are at least 2 old girls at deaths door, it's expected quite soon an it usually happens at night.
i've decided it's not ethical to lengthen or shorten these peoples lives, they are in pain, they are very old.
I'm not about to say some sudo-religious prayer to give them clear passage to heaven
a christian work mate did just that last month an she passed away before his eyes, i still can't comprehend the morality of his actions, but i can't blame him;
I loved that woman.. but she was suffering an had lost the will to live.

I'm frustrated, i feel like i should be able to somehow help their spirits should they depart while i'm at work,
I've spoken to a few spirits in the past but i'm clumsy and i fear my ignorant words probably wouldn't help them,

How to help the spirits of the recently departed.

Any advice or just general discussion on the topic would be welcome.
I do know what you're going through Draw. I worked for about 3 years in a hospice and it seemed that I'd make friends with the client and they died three months later. First of all, if you are going to do this sort of work you will have to get regular counselling. It will wear you down after awhile if you don't. Your concern does you credit and I agree that they are the ones dying so it is their choice as much as possible. We can't project our belief systems on them. . You may want to read Raymond Moodie's books on near death experiences , Elisabeth Kubler -Ross, or some of the other authors. I used to remember their names but can't remember them at the moment.

Most of the recently departed don't require help, but thinking kind thoughts of them and wishing them a good journey is good IMHO. You aren't a psychopomp or a guide yourself However there beings whose job it is to escort the recently dead to the afterlife, again IMHO.
Interesting link Goibnui, thanks.
I work in a hospital environment now and before that I worked in long term care... and death just comes with the territory in the medical field.

It also comes with life in general though, we're just closer to it than most when working with the elderly or in the healthcare industry.

My advice is to not concern yourself with their souls, but rather their bodies and keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable for as long as you can.

Ive been thinking about various theories about the afterlife
and their desirability.

Theory 1: Christian heaven and hell.
By obedience to the christian god alone, they say,
can you enter heaven. And this religion states that
self agency or expressions of individuality are sin
and thus will deny you access to heaven. But how
good can this heaven be anyway if it only rewards
self denying mindless obedience?

One theory of this dichotomy is that heaven is
the earth transmuted by your christian virtues
and hell is the earth past.

Another is that hell is instead a place of
suffering and torture. Another believes
that hell is a place of constant strife
and hardship.

Buddhists or hindus believe that you will
be reincarnated based on your actions or
thoughts in this life. To say that would be
to say that "who" you are now, dictates
your future reincarnation's life circumstances
except with only vague recollection.

If, for example, i live the life i want to live
i will continue living that life forever if "I"
want to. Considering however how my
mind is already known to be influenced
heavily by my environment and my
memories are not easily accessed,
perhaps only as a semiconscious

But even if that works, it can easily be
subverted by for example, being enslaved
or brainwashed to be another person they
want me to be.

How then can i escape this achilles heel?
How can i make sure to live forever never
changing whatever happens?

I was hoping someone here would be
able to enlighten me on the matter.
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