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Full Version: Vivid Dream Of The Future
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I had a dream that was quite vivid. It was like a DMT trip, or as they describe it anyways. For those of you who don't know DMT, its a chemical that's naturally produced in the brain during REM sleep that causes dreams. An herb that causes the same effect is more illegal then heroine.

In this dream, I was in high school around the age of 14 or 15. But it wasn't the past. It was the future. ...A rather unexpected future. There weren't flying cars or robots walking around. It appeared for the most part modern. At some point, I realized I wasn't wearing any clothes. People were looking at me all funny. I got reported to the nurse's office to be diaognosed for some kind of psychological condition.

It was there that I was reported as a schiziophrenic. They said that I had a rare psychological fear of society. It became clear that this diagnoses was about a dependency on clothing, or to keep myself hidden.

This lifestyle felt comfortable, so I quickly adapted and impressed the doctor's by making a "miraculous recovery". I was definitely someone else in a future time.

Because I was someone else, I went to the guidence office of the school to find out my class schedule. I stopped looking around in surprise and people stopped paying attention to me.

I proceeded to history class. I normally was bored with that kind of class, but took this as an opportunity to get updated on the world around me.

As it turned out, religion gradually faded out, commonly deemed as political manipulation. The modern world had gradually prioritized more and more the advancement of technology and culture. Science became the new religion.
Doctors and psychologists had more understanding of the brain and body. In fact, they came to understand exactly how influencial factors determined a person's personality in conjunction with their specific hormone levels.

They deemed the psychological dependency on clothing as a mental illness, something that holds us back through subliminal weakness. In fact, generations of humans who spent most of their lives in the buff had much higher tolerances against heat and cold. They speculated that clothing is actually unhealthy because it limits the skin's ability to "breath" and in effect, causing them to age faster and develope health problems.

The history class documented that girls used to be encouraged to wear less as boys wore more. What used to be the "flooded pants" became the fashionable mens shorts. Anything shorter was just gay. Women wore shorts that barely showed their genitals. Psychologists realized that there was a hidden psychological conflict with these extremes. One such problem was that this culture opened up a psychological tease and paved the way for the biggest prostitution market in human history.

Before there's confusion on that last part, it wasn't the nudist socity of the future that started the prostitution craze. It was the designer clothes that urged men to wear more and women to wear less, which throws both genders off natural... balance. Scientists speculated that it was equivalent to showing a child a peak in the cookie jar, but for the most part, keeping it welded shut. In turn, the market for those cookies increased more and more.
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I've moved this topic to the dream works forum, because the primary subject is a dream.
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