I joined cause I had a pretty specific question and this place seems pretty chill and figured someone could prolly help direct. I was hoping somebody might have any idea as to a meaning or cause behind a prolonged (hours) tingling of the mouth. This has been happening on and off for two days, particularly during moments which feel spiritual. This may be accompanied by a buzzing of the third and sometimes most of the face at times. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

Anyhow I'm Tony, I'm 20, I wanna make the world a better place and basically destroy my ego in the process. Just looking for wisdom and knowledge and relevant advice. I'm really very novice in most all things "formally" magick. Although I have through my own thought processes and meditation I have achieved what I believed to be telepathic communication. Just getting back to my path of enlightenment and love after a really awful terrible 6 month or so depression.

That's about it. Peace and Love.