I am relatively new to this whole thing (only read kybalion) and my interest in the occult is now simply a catalyst for changing my own personality/behavior/perception for self improvement. Seems like it could be used to produce drastic and abrupt changes.
For example, let me say I want to quit smoking. I have other goals, but this seems simple to start, and get familiar with the process, to prove to myself that it works. I have read that a sigil is a relatively easy way to do this but I'm worried about getting it wrong and having the wording twisted around against me and have it backfire if I'm not careful. I have had things go very wrong before by doing things that I did not understand correctly so I know preparation is key.

Please correct me if I am wrong. What I understand so far:

-I know that it is imperative to express it in the present tense, for example, but not much else.
-As far as I know, the sigils do not involve other sentient personalities that mediate my wishes, so I do not have to contend with external beings. Correct?

Perhaps I am worrying over nothing, but it was safest to check first. Is there any further preparation or study I should do before I do a sigil?

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place and sigils are not a good idea for this endeavor. If so, please tell me where I can begin to start looking. Thank you.