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entry Nov 12 2011, 09:11 PM
Here's a lovely thing for everyone to know about me: I've never been to the astral plane. That's right folks, I have done circle casting, elemental summoning, Elemental Witnessing but I have never put my body in the astral plane.

Well there's a first for everything and tonight was my first trip.

To put it simply, I was very interested in summoning spirits, however I had been wise enough not to try it unless I knew what I was doing. Suffice it to say, this night was the night. For one, I had the gut feeling that I should try it. It was a good night and somehow, I had a feeling things would all be well--if I prepared for it. Going by instinct I created a sub-version of the astral plane that my body may go to and from on its own accord-so long as I had a key placed in a pool of water with my crystal ball, which served as a conduit. So, with this in mind, I also summoned a protection circle and established that no creature escape from this to the earth plane. WIth that, I bathed my self in my altar water and cleansed myself of all energy be it positive or negative, setting my body on neutral. This of course, made me groggy and strange but I quickly recovered to cast a double layer introverted sealing circle that prevented bodily possession from occurring. With my body and mind fully protected, I led my hand to touch the crystal ball...and it worked.

Holy mother of god it worked. I never in my life felt so light headed and dizzy, I couldn't see, feel, smell, or taste I couldn't even hear. All I could do was think and speak and that's what I did. I called the Archangel Gabriel and boy...I am glad I did. Mainly because I forgot the most important thing.

An offering.

When the summoning was done, the sensory plug was lifted. I could hear, smell and touch but I couldn't see. I was 'told' through a strange language that gave me images instead of english words for translations. In it, I got a basic understanding that he was curious of my wish. Curious only. Though I tried to think of something, words would spill out of my mouth all at once. As embarrassed as I was at the inability to be coherent, It vanished...because Gabriel showed mercy and patience on me. He 'asked' me what I would give in return. In several long moments of silence, I would try to think and eventually I would humbly explain that 'I have nothing to give. What will you have of me?'. In all his patience, I was told what I did wrong and the potential consequences of such a wrong. Seeing as that I had nothing to give, he instead baded I light my Altar in honor of him and sit until the incense burned completely. I'm not sure if my request will be granted but oddly...I wouldn't mind if it wasn't.

This learning experience taught me that even as careful as we can be, there is always something a person can overlook. In my case, had Gabriel not been so lenient, I could have lost something very dear to me.

entry Nov 12 2011, 06:56 PM
I have a confession to make.

I love Altars. I love any altars and I love all altars. Even the scariest ones pique my dark morbid curiosity. I love setting them up and cleansing them, hell, I even love cleaning them. Altars are one of the best parts in my opinion about religion. Any religion can have them and they all look gorgeous. With the elaboration about this silly fascination, I'd like to also make another confession: My Altars are elaborate. The more detailed, the better. My friend puts her candles in a simple position and has her runes basking in firelight an on top of her salt cup. Me? I have two major candle holders in the shape of silver columns with intricate roses while beside it are three medium candle holders shaped like wine glasses. Next to that is a smaller but fatter yellow candle for air with an eagle feather right beside it. To make this more complicatedI have altar water on the other side and an essential oil burner. To the south east is a small cup holding a small crystal ball while surrounded by crystals. the cup is filled with water. Then THEN at the bottom is my pentacle coaster with the earth candle on top. IN THE CENTER, because I have this fascination for candles is a circular shallow plate filled with silver and gold sand with small blue and white stones. inset in this sandy place is a large white candle and four tea lights with a large rock next to each tea light.

And I am proud of this small altar. I am vain as hell but am proud of this vanity. If I'm going to have an altar you're damn skippy I'm going to make it the prettiest altar there is. Suffice it to say, the point of this vain introduction is to let everyone know that you shouldn't be afraid to have numerous altars or to make them extremely plain or detailed. Because in the end, we probably share the same idea anyways. Who the hell cares if your altar is just four candles or a whole myriad of mirrors, crystals and other dangly decorations. At least someone probably does the same thing right?


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