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entry Mar 3 2007, 02:07 AM

I sorry to say that this time the results where less exciting than before. I went in at around 11:30 EST. using the prescribed method suggested by Vagrant Dreamer, with input form Edunpanna. The method was intended to conform to my view of the astral, to be sure we met on the right plane. Where we enter the same plane of the astral in order to be in sync. The sphere of yesod was chosen and imagery to insure that I make it there.

[A forest, with a path leading from a large boulder covered in moss to a very simple wooden hut. Within the hut, there was a fireplace two chairs.]

I entered in to the forest and found the house; I even entered the house with out problem- rather easily, in fact. As it turned out I had arrived first so a took a chair, and began to wait. Nothing much happened for some time, though I did have some issues keeping my mind from wandering with nothing engaging happening. The fist time that a figure entered the hut I tried to sense where it was from- to try to determine if it was there of its own accord. [SEE THIS POST] I quickly found that I could not determine where it was from; realizing it had manifested- because of my intention to meet someone- the figure faded. To prevent similar manifestations I tried to solidify the room. My attempts met with no avail; I was loosing interest.

Astral projecting is chaotic for me at best, but when engaged I can hold my focus for some time. After sometime more and a general call for Vagrant Dreamer- in the form of a mantra made of his name- I gave up. I came out of the astral at 12:15 EST.

In the PM Vagrant Dreamer sent, telling of his experience the following passage was included:

�I introduced with... the elder sign, or pentagram... I didn't see you respond with anything though. This time your appearance was a little more ethereal, and the surroundings kept changing, so I wasn't sure if you were totally there or not.�

[I am keeping the sign I use to introduce myself with, to myself, in order to provide a degree of legitimacy to the results. I am worried that if Vagrant Dreamer and I start trading our favorite greetings, we will inevitably imagine the other giving the correct sign.]

It would seem that for whatever reason I was not able to see him, but my appearance would suggest that he did see me and not a ministration of his own making. I may have indeed been in several parts of the astral, and to an outside observer the workings of my mind would most likely appear to be in constant flux.

�I tried to get a sense of your energy this time before projecting, so that I could meet you where you were and tried to 'pull' you into phase with me while meeting you halfway where I could.�

This was a very good idea on Vagrant Dreamer�s part. I will try to do the same next time. It may also help to know more about how one thinks,- we have never met in person, which limits us considerably- it may narrow the gap between us. I will go over some of his old posts to that end.

�At one point at the beginning I tried to find you� I'm not sure if I�m familiar enough with your energy, but I found a presence and tried to communicate a little just before midnight. Any odd thoughts around then?�

No, no odd thoughts; that would have been around the time I was thinking of leaving, perhaps I was distracted.

This latest experiment would seem to support my prior hypothesis. Vagrant Dreamer has- what I'm assuming to be- many times my own prowess in the astral. This allows him a better grasp of the dreamscape. In my last post, I told how I was unable to enter the Room, and despite my presence out side the room- and the considerable ruckus I made- Vagrant Dreamer was un able to tell I was there till a actually entered the Room. In the PM he sent after, he forwarded the theory that the room had become too established, hence my difficulty entering. The same theory may explain my inability to tell when Vagrant Dreamer was in the hut. My hut was too real for me to see anything else but the room.

It would seem if communication in the astral is possible it is only possible to one with an acute sense of the astral that most likely develops over time. If you will recall we have all ready made much progress in our endeavor; this is not meaningful communication, we have yet to see the correct signs.

I will continue to experiment and hone my sense of the astral, in hopes of future success.

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post Mar 5 2007, 02:46 AM
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Its really hard to connect with people in the astral. My cousin is a fairly experienced sorcerer but I failed to connect with him. I did have success with Ashnook once. We saw the same thing. It seems like usually when I hear about these type astral experiments they end in failure.

I believe the skill used to make the connection is something simular to telepathy. The astral is so big and timeless it is easy to get lost. So you have to know a mind and be able to find it in the astral. Language can be very limiting in that many things of the astral there are no human words to explain.

Its good that you are trying experiments. Try this exercise a few more times and likely it will work.

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