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 | Category: Exploits
entry Jan 23 2013, 06:56 PM
So I ran across a half baked idea on OF today; I am going to shamelessly steal and bake myself. The idea involved using a program called audacity to convert a image file into sound file to create an audio sigil. I like to think of it a mantra, but the idea of an audio sigil is interesting. The creator of this idea envisioned as a sort of subliminal message that would effect people in some way. That sounds to me like a mantra except that it is not intended to in quite the same way. A mantra the is sound a rishi or seer hears when in samadhi on an energy. That sound will bring you closer to the energy it represents.

If this conversion is able to convert the essence of the image as well as the information then it could be used for the SM temple. One of the hardest problems with the temple was that new people could not AP to the temple. If it works like a mantra then it might lead people to the energy. The only issue is that a mantra needs someone to keep it alive. Energy is expended when someone uses a mantra. Normally, a mantra is part of a tradition where the adepts continually empower the mantra. This Temple mantra will not be part of a tradition so it will need to be self empowering. There are two ways to do this: use the temple guardian or have people do a number of repetitions before using it. A common number is 100,000 repetitions for each syllable while concentration is on a field of energy - the two become infused with each other. If people have trouble with AP they will have trouble with this.

Using the temple guardian is more problematic up front but easier for the Neophytes. Some way would have to be found to 1) talk to the guardian, 2) explain what I am doing then, 3) have it help and keep up the work after I am gone. The basic outline would be to have the guardian gather energy or supervise a device to gather energy to witch the mantra is infused. I am thinking a crystal that vibrates with the mantra.

I would be a rather large under taking but it would be worth it to make grater use of the temple. It might also be useful to make a library of sorts where "knowledge is kept". I don't know how, but I have done experiments with astral equivalents counter parts for books with mixed results. Also I know that the Akashic record is a possible source of knowledge I need to look into this.

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