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entry Oct 22 2011, 03:57 PM
Part three

It seems to me that there is no need for spiritual refinement as such, for what is really being trained is the mind. To see clearly, and to do so on many levels. The highest level, enlightenment, is still the goal but there are many useful things one finds on the way though the many other levels. Many spiritual/occult systems holds that the levels of existence are many and varied, but for the purposes of gaining enlightenment though what is best described as Raga and Nada yoga they are not needed. Only four need be explored but that is enough to last quite a while. The waking world (Jagrat) where we must learn to control the body. The dreaming world (Swapna) here we have a concept of I and not I, but things do not function as in Jagrat, and yet that realm has influence here. In Swapna we must learn that there are other senses which are not biological. Sushupti is the dreamless sleep. Then lastly Turiya where all other realms are visible. From this perspective magick has its greatest effect. It is also where few go. Indeed, the waking world is hard enough to understand and function within. The comparatively simple dreaming world is so alien that the waking mind has trouble even remembering never mind understanding what happened an hour after waking. Turiya, though it is the goal of gnosis, is nonetheless so alien that nothing we now no can help us live there.

We can, however, find in many traditions an odd sort of way to get around this quirk: morality. I have yet found a system of magick which holds some conception of enlightenment which does not also have a system of morality. Everyone has a different system but they all try to encourage the seeker to act and think in a way more conducive to Turiya. The point to remember her is that there is no morality external to the tradition on practices; it only trains the mind to think in ways wholly alien. Morality is another kind of shorthand used to discuss what is really important. Thinking and acting in ways and according to the particular logic of Turiya which has no use in the wakening world is what morality trains. As I know it that logic is what is important. Everything leading up to attaining Turiya should prepare you for acting according to its logic. If you get there but cannot understand how to make use of its logic on this realm you will not long stay.

In Turiya the world looks different. The world is illusion; magick is real, it is all in your head, this is no contradiction. If it is all smoke and mirrors, then magick is easy, just rearranging some mirrors and blowing a little smoke. Within Turiya, providing you can operate by its logic, the mage will find that magick becomes easier. I have only find my way there a small hand full of times, so I cannot at present speak at length about the functioning of magick view from Turiya, but I have felt how the act magick becomes much like writing. It is known to all of us how to write, and the mechanics of it are forgotten. We simply write. What we write and the composition itself is another matter, but the act of putting pen to paper and forming letters into words is simple. So to are the mechanics of magick in Turiya.

Enlightenment therefore I deem at least useful and to some point perhaps required. There are a few points that people often cite as to why they do not find enlightenment worth while. Above I have tried to elevate some points of tension between the two goals (enlightenment and practical results); below I hope to present a philosophy which will make clear a point I passed over earlier. Before I stated that subjugating the goal of power to a higher cause, now I express how I believe that might be done.

First, I would like to deal with non-dualism and how it prevents power-seekers from gaining enlightenment. One reason I dislike the non-dualistic approach to enlightenment is that it aims to leave to world of illusion and its methods similarly require abandoning the world. I find it very selfish to go off in to the woods to develop the spirit and attain buddahood while those who are trapped behind suffer in the world of illusion. True, the road is not closed to them, but that does not preclude those who have gained enlightenment from helping. I also do no think that evangelizing is proper simply because saying that the only way to end suffering is to leave this world is like saying the only way to fly is to leave the ground. It does not matter how much it sucks in this realm only a few can ever leave it. Therefore it is cruel to suggest that they do. More over it has been my conviction that problems should be solved by those that see them and by telling someone to become like the Buddha shifts responsibility from those who see to those who dont. No, if they can be succored then it must be done in this world of illusion by those who understand it. So it is that the occult student seeing power can walk the path of enlightenment while achieving his own ends and suffering no incongruity between the paths. As I contrive it power must be used, served or strived against. If we achieve works of magick that are wholly for our own ease or piety ambition we must do so without the aid of spirit- provided that the spirit is not attuned to such things. I hold that the greatest works of magick are those where every aspect of ones being is aligned to a chosen end. These great works provide a way to gain and exercise occult powers for the benefit of the mage providing that others also benefit.

On a related point that most will not agree with me: not everyone can do magick at a great level. Most will never come close. It is like enlightenment. To quote confusions: some are born to knowledge, others earn it though perseverance, and some steal it from some unknown side door. If you have no talent or predilection towards magick, you must gain the skills and wisdom from hard won experience. Some are not able to accomplish that and so must use a side door. There are many though none will get you quite the same place the other ways will. Among the side doors I name serving others with power, serving a god, and avoiding power both in its expression and acquisition. Some make it not even this far. Keeping them in mind and aiming your works at their world will keep the power-seekers grounded as they are seeking enlightenment.

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