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Woot I Suppose...

[font=Comic Sans Ms][color=#CC0000] Well ... this is nifty. I like blogs so I guess I'll begin to post here instead...

Anyway, I've fluttered and flitted through a good amount of the forums, asking my wonderfully newbish/strange/stupid questions and commenting where I felt I had a reason to or was interested. I praise the Moon and Night as well as the Earth, all in conjuncture, so I really want to work with plants and herbs as well as candle, fire and invocations. I want to learn how to make compounds and the like but I can't find a starting point for the life of me.... I've been trying for YEARS. I need something to begin with but I have NOTHING. I can't find a book that isn't all math or praise this or that or insanly OLD(which normally I don't have a problem with but the books I have are on my comp so they're scanned and just plain terrible for the most part!).

I've worked through every angle I can think of: Alchemy, Left-Hand Path, Wicca/Wiccan, Chaos, Paganism, even some Runic ones... but, again NOTHING.

*Sigh* This pesters and frustrates me so very much, I'm at wits end... The ONE person who can help me refuses, saying he doesn't want what he teaches me written down... I can understand not wanting a book of what he knows and does circulating, but he knows I would HAVE to write it down. If anyone could help that would be great. I take suggestions and flames all ... Just don't call me a spell begger or anything like that... I just don't know where else to turn.

Continueing... You may call me Violet. I'm a 19 year old mother in Indiana (Hurrah for the Bible belt.. not). If anyone is interested in teaching, I would be greater to say the least.

No matter what, I love you guys and this forum eternally!

Thanks to all who read and even more to all who comment or help!

*Leaves a plate of cookies* Help yourself to some cookies while you read.


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