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Sacred Magick Forums _ Ceremonial Magick _ "a True And Accomplished Magician Does Not Rely On Physical Means To Obtain His Or Her Goals"

Posted by: Mchawi Dec 24 2013, 02:16 PM

Frater U.D speaks something of the quoted title... although I can't quite recall it in full exactly, admit I'm proud of myself for remembering his name and his advice considering my terrible short term memory. laugh.gif

The idea is not shared by many into Magic who decry its use for "mundane" purposes as though it were a holy ointment only to be used when needed, and when used used sparingly. Of course the idea of something being, "mundane" is subjective for the most part but I suppose an argument can be made for their view. Right now I'm hungry and could do with a good snack, rather than cook it myself as a "real" magician am I going to whip up a sigil to have some chain of events occur and a Tofu and Pak Choi meal with wheat free noodles arrive at my bedroom door? **Awaits chance happening** Perhaps then create another sigil to have it fed to me while a dis-incarnate spirit types this post? No. But in general I think what Frater UD implies is that ones life should be well furnished by magic, an accomplished Magician should not struggle though life unless its part of his/her spiritual development, if a new house is needed then magic should be used to obtain it, rather than frustrate oneself looking for a new job magic should be used to find ones self the right type of job suitable for said Magicians needs and so on.

Question: How often do you use Magic (in what ever shape or form your culture considers) to obtain your more materialistic goals?

Just today got in a copy of Imperial Arts books on Talismans and Astrology as I've never used Magic to better myself other than by chance occurrences and had kind of taken to its practice as a tool for spiritual development only, something Imperial Arts discusses briefly in his book. Recommend his work btw, bumped into his blog as I'm studying the Goetic style work and its fun reading, his books are straight and to the point and leave out a lot of 'extras' that others get themselves caught up in, giving room for people to get lost and stuck in attempting to follow. Nick Farrells book on Talismans is a strange attempt to appease various traditions for example and while useful I had to literally edit out the parts that were relevant to extract what was useful and print it out as a new book.... tin is proving to be a tough metal to get hold of though.

As an experiment I'm going to adopt Frater U.D's stance and actively use Talismans and magic to achive certain goals in life with the understanding that as a Magician that is (supposed to be) my basic function and practice.

Opinions valued. Apologies if you're no fan of compliments I.A.


Posted by: ThothSphere Jan 5 2014, 01:45 PM

I think it should certainly be the case whether as a magical person or not to minimise difficulty or hardship other than the kind of hardship required to learn, which cannot be avoided anyway. I think your question is not really a magic related one necessarily it is more just a general life question that should be dealt with from the standpoint of logic rather than by going by what the dogma is about something like this. And this is definitely not a matter of opinion, in the sense that i am right unless i have left out or dont know about a variable that figures into the answer of your question.

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