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 The Enlightenment Of The Going
post Aug 21 2012, 05:09 AM
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This is the first time the unpublished handwritten book “The Enlightenment of the Going” is spread on the Internet. This epistle book was written in Russia for teaching beginners of a certain closed society, the name of which will never be officially divulged or spoken about. The book was always available for the members of the society and was used for self-development and self-cultivation. Now we think “The Enlightenment of the Going” must be discovered to the whole world. We don’t expect the book to change people or to make the world better; we only wish to help with information those ready to accept it and to move toward self-development for the benefit of themselves and ALL.

There are many interesting spiritual themes mentioned in “The Enlightenment of the Going”, they concern everyone who devotes himself to self-development. “The Enlightenment of the Going” doesn’t have anything to do with religion; the information in this book may be accepted and thought over or left behind. It’s up to you to decide. There is ABSOLUTELY no religious orientation contained in “The Enlightenment of the Going”. However, if you find any part of the book insulting for you, if something is unacceptable due to your ideology, we appeal to take this book as nothing but a harmless piece of art calling for nothing. At the same time religious persons seeking to increase their knowledge could find much useful information in the text. The book would also be helpful to astronauts and followers of esoteric and occult practices.

Please follow the link http://prozrenieidushih.narod.ru/Index-e.html to find the English version of the book

The Letter of the Enlightenment
1. And it was the middle of the end of the world, and people were drowning in lies of their own and in lies told them, and people did not know their essence and they were praying to two angels and one God.

2. One angel was as clear as the day, the other was as black as the night, God was their creator and the creator of the world and of a great lie. God showed his face to neither human beings, nor inhumans, he just took from the angels what his acquired slaves, people, brought to their altars.

3. And great thunder rumbled over the gulfs and worlds, and the end of the world started and continued over a hundred years, but only those knew it who had not lost their eyes or who were enlightened among falsehood.

4. And there lived a dark man, and he prayed to the Dark Angel, and he longed for knowing and seeing. And he swore to the Angel that he would be in his host until the victory over the Bright Angel. And the Dark Angel ate the dark man day after day, as well as the Bright Angel ate bright men.

5. And the Grey Judge came to the dark man, and he was so big and strong that people’s breath fell out of step at his sight; his eyes were burning flame of eternity and mind, his body was a stone defeated by none of the sea, and none of the wind. There was no master over him and no banner, except justice and chaos. And he said to the man these words: My dark brother, follow me into eternity, and understand great wisdom. Give up your fear, give up your pain, give up your love, heed my words and get what you wanted to get from your birth.

6. And the dark man replied: Who are you, who came out of nowhere? Tell me your name and explain the essence, because your grey gist is not clear to a man, you are no light, but neither are you darkness. Who are you shining with force, and why did you come to me?

7. And the Grey Judge's eyes flashed brighter than the sun light, and he talked, and the man learned: I am the one who comes to do justice to the benefit of everything and all, because it is pleasing to ALL that is, was and will be. I am the one who comes at dusk and dawn, as I am light and I am darkness. I am a great destroyer, because I have come to ruin falsehood and to judge liars who absorb others’ forces by their ingenious and blinding lies. To you I came, my brother, to give you what you want and to open your eyes, because every person’s wish should be fulfilled, when he wishes faithfully and not slily. And you know my name from the ancient legends of the world, but not all is true in them.

8. And the dark man realized that the Grey Judge tells the truth, and he began to listen to his every word, and he became a disciple of the Grey Judge. And the man discovered great wisdom when he listened to his teacher: My Brother, remember that there is nothing except ALL, and everything you saw, knew and understood is a part of a single whole. And there is life and there is death, and they are one. And there is pain and there is joy, and they are one. And there is peace and there is fuss, and they are one. And there are many worlds, and there is chaos - my home - between the worlds, and they are one. And there is you and there is me, and we are one. Now forget about division and remember that there is only one great ALL, and it has no name and it is reasonable, and you are a part of it as your hand is a part of you. And ALL is as reasonable as you are, and it loves you as its own son, and it is not full without you, and even when you stop being, you will not go beyond the limits of it, because ALL is all and nothing more. Remember that you are immensely important, as well as the sun in the heavens, but not more important than a grain of sand on the beach, because a grain of sand is also a part of ALL and is also immensely important. Remember that light and darkness, and the worlds, and the chaos are immensely important, and none of them is advantaged. And perfection is in uniting rather than in choosing a road, and that one is perfect who walks along all the roads at once. And remember that when you realize unity with ALL, you will get the key to great knowledge.

9. The man spent many days thinking about the Grey Judge’s words, afterwards the true vision was revealed to him, and the man realized that having knowledge is not enough to use it, one should make the knowledge a part of himself, and that’s when the deep essence of it will reveal itself. And the man realized that solely by a thought cleansed of dirt one can perfect himself and absorb power and knowledge.

10. Again came the Grey Judge to the man and said: My brother, you have learned the unity with all that surrounds you, but you have been only to this world and seen miracles only here, isn’t it time to learn other worlds?

11. And the man went to learn other worlds, and he saw marvelous fields, sweet heavens, wonderful creatures, angels and gods. And he assumed pinions and ceased to be a man, because he surpassed people in knowledge and power.

12. And he came back to his teacher and the teacher said to him: My brother, you have been to different worlds, you have seen many miracles, do not you think this is wonderful? But so far you have jumped from world to world, and have not walked between them, isn’t it time for you to know the inter-world chaos? Remember that the chaos destroys the illusions that create worlds for us, and only a wise one may not lose himself. Remember that having taken a step there, you will change forever, and you will learn new ways that have been hidden from you until this day; I myself will take you to the chaos, because I see, you’re shuddering at the eternity. Remember that the chaos is the eternal movement of ALL, but at the same time the chaos is the only place where you can find peace that you have never seen in any of the worlds, and if ALL had brains, the chaos would be its brains.

13. And the Grey Judge threw him into the chaos, and his worldly body was writhing in convulsions from the breath of the chaos, and the illusions in his mind were burning like paper over a candle. And he felt great peace, which he had never known. And he decided to become like his teacher and live in the chaos, but also visit the worlds. And he realized that the worlds were an illusion, and the chaos was true and veritable, then he revealed another wisdom: what men call life is just a game, but this game might be enlightening, and everything it gives is a lesson to take wisdom from; therefore, one should live. One more wisdom was revealed to him: the Gods are free in their actions and can create worlds, and the angels are the creatures lacking will and created by the gods or by other angels for servitude. People are the gods who have forgotten their essence playing life too long.

14. Again met the Grey Judge and his disciple, and the Grey Judge told him: You knew the vain worldly illusions and eternal peace of the chaos, now you should know the following wisdom: you know that matter is an illusion, you know that energy is an illusion, but energy is truer than matter; the word is the truth, the sign is the truth, and the formula is the truth, because everyone sees according to his mind and his development, and one sees a dilapidated tree, another sees force instead of the tree, and someone sees the word and the word is truer than the tree and the force. So now see the words and numbers, because you can do it. Remember that the world is an illusion, but this illusion is created by the formulas written for that, and they are the basis of this world. And remember that you are a formula that complicates itself in its strengthening and improvement.

15. And then the teacher said to his disciple: Remember, my brother following my way, ALL is perfect and is constantly improving itself, and there is no limit to perfection. Remember that perfection goes in a spiral rather than a straight line, and a circle is a trap. Remember that ALL sometimes shrinks to a point in its continuous improvement and then expands again to infinity. And many forget themselves during these shrinks and go round following themselves, others go in a spiral. And the worlds disappear during these shrinks, the absolute peace that comes is peace of all and everything, not only of what is in the chaos.

16. And the disciple went to give people knowledge, but not for the benefit of people, but for the benefit of ALL, and he said: You are free, and you have no owners, and you yourselves have made up the chains you have on. Renounce your slavery and open your eyes, for you have no masters and you are a part of a single whole, recall the essence of your own and become free! But remember that your freedom should not burden the freedom of what surrounds you.

17. He turned his eyes towards the past and told the people: Listen to the words of the Crucified, since he was a great teacher, but do not listen to those who bear his words, because they are those who slandered him perverting the teaching for the benefit of their own. Remember that he is no son of the Bright Angel, and he is no son of God, the creator of this world, but he is a son of ALL and a great sage.

18. He looked at the people and told them: Learn to govern your thoughts, because your purity and worldly being, so dear to you, depend on the purity of your thoughts. Away with fear, lust, anger and other dirt, for they are your worst enemies. Remember also that the thought is more material than your bodies, give it due attention because it is the key to ALL.

19. He looked at the hungry for knowledge and power and said: Drive all your feelings, greed and vanity away, and you will be given great knowledge and boundless power, if you deserve it within yourselves.

20. He looked at the human race and said: Remember that your original enemies are yourselves, but not those who hold a sword or a tricky word against you.

21. He looked at the lepers and said: Know that your pain is given to you by ALL not to torment you, but to make you go forward in your perfection, for you refuse to grow wiser under the kindness shown to you, and pain will change it.

22. And he said to the dreamers: Be careful with your dreams, for all that you dream will happen to you or to the one you dream of, but know that your dreams can turn your existence into a torment, for gold will deprive you of peaceful sleep, and a sweet maiden will deprive you of peace.

23. Looking at the scales told he: Remember, there is balance in everything, as well as in these scales. And the one who takes will always give something back, the one who gives something will always take something. Know that anywhere and anytime you pay and take. Therefore, do good for ALL, and you will be rewarded, but do it without self-interest and you will be rewarded beyond measure.

24. Again looked he at the hungry for knowledge, and told them: All the answers are inside of you, look inside yourselves and you will open the external, for all is a single whole.

25. And the people asked him about the coming end of the world, and he answered: What does the end of the world mean to you, if your being is in your hands? If you are interested in the judgment, then you should know that you pass the judgment upon yourselves hourly, and this world will end with the judgment done by the Grey Judge and his judgment brothers. In the court the Light and Dark Angels and their creator will oppose the Judges and Executioners and will lose, because they will be wrong. The vindicatory sword will not touch with those innocent towards ALL, and they will build a new world.

26. And he told the people about ancient stories and wonderful books: All of your stories and books are stuffed with the truth like a pie of a stingy baker is stuffed with meat, because there is not much truth in them, but you shouldn’t loathe the books, because every bit of knowledge is worth laying down a life. Learn these books and stories and taste not a lie from the sheets, but taste the truth.

27. And he told the people a new wisdom: Remember also that each of you is a little ALL and there are worlds and chaos in each of you, and there are gods and angels in each of you. Remember that infinity surrounds you and is inside of you. Know that changing worlds within yourselves, you change the worlds around yourselves; so change yourselves for the benefit of ALL and yourselves.

28. He looked at the proud people and said: Remember that you should not condemn those whose nature and the purpose of whose ways are unknown to you, because only the one who knows may judge.

29. He looked at the going and said to them: Remember that your way has neither end, nor beginning, because you are, you have been and you will be a part of ALL, always and forever, and there is no limit to your perfection.

30. Again looked he at the going and told them: Doubt is the most terrible on your way, because it closes the eyes and builds illusions, learn to separate lie from the truth, and your way will become straighter and you will not walk in a circle. Remember that doubt is a liars’ tool. If there are warriors among you, know that having met someone who looks like a liar, you’d better deal shortly with him and pay for it, if he was not a liar, than believe in his lies, if he is a liar after all.

31. He looked at the disappointed in people and told them: Do nothing for people any more, but do for ALL.

32. He looked at the worlds and told the people: Remember that nothing happening in ALL is an accident, and what is accident at first sight, has meaning and significance.

33. And he told to the enlightened: You are surrounded by lots of illusions and lies; do not believe in them. And do not let other people's illusions penetrate into your mind, because you're not blind, and you must be able to distinguish truth from falsehood, and if you cannot do it, then you should learn in order not to disappear in the illusions.

34. Once again told he to the dreamers: Know that everything you dream is existing somewhere or has existed or will exist, because ALL is infinite, and you can not make up nonent.

35. And he said the last words to the people: Brothers, you are free, and ALL gives great wisdom by my lips. Do perform my covenant: pray and worship neither me nor the Grey Judge, for it goes against us, and we will not come to help when you pray to us, for we ourselves choose who deserves a reward and who deserves a scaffold, but ask ALL to give you wisdom and advice, and ALL will give you the teachers you deserve.

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post Aug 23 2012, 11:29 PM
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One more epistle “The Letter of the Secret” has been translated into English and posted.

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