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Full Version: Defensive Magick
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Greetings,these are various spells and Charms for defence magick from my Griomoire,hope you find it usefull.

The astral world is infested with parasites,vampires,and vicious stuff that evist in a realm that is near to ours,Crowley once mentioned that the astral world is more like an onion layered,every layer contains a different set of physical laws,entities and different beings,an astral traveler,pierces through this astral onion through different astral realms,In order to avoid these parasites ,they are a pain in the ass to get rid off.

Creating an astral shield:
Imagine Kether as a Divine sphere of light at the top of your head,
breath deeply and from kether,create an Egg barrier around your self down to malkuth at your feet,so that the divine light covers you from head to toe.strengthen this shield and give it strength as you breath.

Creating Servitors for astral structures:

design a servitor for protection,anything actually from tall angelic archers and swordmen,to gargoyles or any type of protector you wish,assign each protector to its element and direction
perform MP,LBRP-LIRP then Go to your astral structure (LBRP-LBIP normally give you angelic protection, Before me Raphael,behind me Gabriel...etc),but we will create a servitor who's sole task is to protect your astral temple.
after performing LBIP face East and vibrate the name of your servitor when you get a clear strong manifestation,and the energy becomes dense,assign it to its task and weapon ,and face south vibrate the name assign its task and its weapon,then west,north,return east then visualize the four guardians standing tall and mighty against all intrusions and parasitism,
Dont banish these entities,they are part of your vital force,If you do banish them banish them from the physical realm not the astral.

Setting wards around your house :

You will need
1.Four black candles.
2.Four Crystal stones
3. a stick of incense or feather.

place each of the stones and candles in every cardinal direction of your house,
open your circle ,perform LBRP
Visualize the candles absorbing all the negative energy in your house as they burn,and sending it to the crystal,the crystal sends it to earth,light the incense stick (large ones work best) on every window,Door of your house Draw a pentagram

Leave the stones there and visualize them forming a fence of light,that burns and banishes every negative energy.

close your circle

Breaking a hex :

you will need
1. a black candle
2.a bowl of spring water
3.geranium oil
4.gardenia oil
5.Myrrh oil

In a wanning Moon,
perform LBRP
1.mix 1 part gardinia oil with 2 parts geranium oil,and 2 parts Myrrh oil, when prepared vibrate the names tetragrammaton,adonai,Aglah while keeping your mouth close to the oil(liquids in general have very receptive qualities and the particles responds to sound as well as desiphering it), put the oil in a vial and leave them in a dark dry place from sun set to sun rise,next day annoint the candles with the oil you prepared rubbing the candle outwards (away from you).
annoint your forehead with the oil.
before adding spring water to the bowl,place the candle,drop some wax so the candle sticks to the bowl,after doing so,put water in the bowl so it covers 1/4 of the candle length.
Visualize the negative energy burning with the candle,the candle being a magnet that attracts the negativity and stores it in the candle,when the candle reaches the water the hex will be broken.
Banish and Close the circle in your normal manner.

Tir Mala
Thank you for sharing this. smile.gif Very helpful
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