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Full Version: What Material To Have Tau Robe Made Of?
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I'm looking to get a really high quality Tau robe with a hood, that preferably does not detach and is permanent.

I would also like this robe to be black and possibly embroiderer with the hexagram and pentagram in the proper areas on the robe.

What material is the best? I see cotton, satin & silk are generally offered.

I like something that is soft against the skin and breaths easy. I also am really leaning towards silk to just have a very high quality robe. But the cotton may make it more durable? What about a lining, I read there are some that come with linings, what does this benefit, just whether you plan on wearing clothes beneath the rob?

Any input? Anyone suggest a particular mage/witch/website that produces high quality robes and can do a bit of customization with the addition of the Pentagram & Hexagram

I don't have much experience with Tau robes, but as a seamstress, I can answer a few of your questions. Firstly, lining serves a few different purposes. It protects the outer fabric from sweat, provides the wearer with a more comfortable fabric against their skin, and changes the weight/drape of the garment. As for the type of fabric you may want to use, there are advantages and disadvantages to all fabrics. Plain old cotton is going to billow with any gust of wind. Satin and silk, although luxurious, don't breathe all too well. IMO, a robe is best made from a lightweight flannel, since it breathes well (cotton), but is heavy enough that you don't have to worry about flashing anyone or holding on for dear life as the wind tries to drag you away. This is also an advantage if you'll be working around a lot of open flame. You certainly don't want your robe getting caught in the wind and catching fire!

In the end, it truly is personal preference. My advice is to go to a local shop that sells fabric and spend some time walking around feeling the different ones they have. It will really help you decide what you need. Then your best bet would be going to a seamstress/tailor/custom clothier and asking them to make you the robe themselves. My assumption is the symbols would be embroidered on, in which case you'll have to find an embroidery place that does custom designs, or ask the person that is making your robe if they do embroidery work.

Hope that helps!
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